The town of Sheffield is turning into the first board game

City with help from Mike Hayes, who invented the cult game Classic Warlord, about forty years ago is relaunching it for a Battle Night on July 10th at The Showroom Cinema from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. This game, Classic Warlord is a war strategy game similar to some that are available now but, when it was created it was unique. Hayes, who hails from Ranmoor, fashioned the idea while he was attending the University of Sheffield in 1974. At first, it was a pastime for his personal friends but began to spread to the university student unions until the game gained popularity throughout many colleges around England.
With the reputation of the board game rising, Hayes began to make duplicates, and this leads him to open a small business to sell them. Later in the early 1980’s two fellow alumni of the University of Sheffield approached Hayes and offered him a chance to mass produce the game all over England by adding it to their inventory. These friends had recently opened a larger business in London, and they began to produce more copies of the game almost immediately. It was relaunched with the new name of Apocalypse, and it helped the company, Game Workshop become a huge success. During this time, some acts of parliament were close to banning this game from England because of its concept. Luckily it was able to survive these legal humps, and it is still selling well even after forty years later.

Mike Hayes invented this game during his youth with the influences of global and political events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. He stated that he only created the game as a joke yet it connected with his peers during this time of war and confusion. Its relaunch will connect with this generation just like it did with Hayes age bracket for this generation has been involved in war and turmoil ever since the Gulf War up to the Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

The games purpose is to gain and defend the player’s territories during combat missions. The strategy is an important part of the gameplay, and the player must learn the enemies’ weaknesses and strengths. There are no dice to roll, but instead, the one that is going to attack first has to decide the number of assaults they want to launch with the use of the dice. The dice is then hidden from the other players, and the one that is defending the territory has to guess the number of assaults. If the defender guesses right, then the one attacking loses that number of companies.

Of course, if the defender guesses the wrong number and the territory they set up a defense at are unoccupied, the one attacking can advance in that unoccupied territory and claim it. The players can form their alliances whenever they want during gameplay. The bombs that are available to use are the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb. Nuclear A-bombs can be given as rewards if the player has won a battle and hydrogen bombs are gained when a player launches an A-bomb. When there is nuclear damage in an area, it will remain as a no man zone for the remainder of the game.

This battle night will be an epic one in the history of Sheffield. Come on July 10th at the Showroom Cinema from 12 to 4 pm to have a good time. Prepare for battle!

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