Guildford in the game

Guildford is among other five “Home Counties” towns that have already expressed interest of getting its edition of Monopoly. Indeed, it is highly speculated that it will soon become one of the latest towns to be seen enjoying a monopoly of its edition.

As mentioned, Guildford is placing a bid with several other towns, which include Epping Forest, Cranbrook, St. Albans, and Marlow. However, Winsor town will join the list sometime later this year when the contest will be set open to the public to cast their votes.

The Monopoly bosses and executives explained that the towns shortlisted for the competition were chosen from ??Home Counties’ and the intention of the bid is a ??beauty contest.’ On Thursday, the poll is scheduled to take place.

At the end of the poll, the winner will be announced and editionalised. Besides that, the editionalised town will be getting its board, which will be made up of twenty-two customized properties transitioning places with the likes of Park Lane and Mayfair.

However, what are some of the streets, landmarks, and locations that should be included in the new Monopoly of “Guildford edition”? Well, let us see the views of people in the comments section:

Jamie Lamont, an executive from Custom Games Development, said that it would be good to begin with more than 30 locations, which will later be final six.

Typically, there are two-fold factors that will decide the exact number of locations. First and foremost, the strength of population pride and feeling for a particular place; and the second factor is the beauty and diversity of potential landmarks esteemed to fill the board.

By October, the game will be in the shops ready for 2016 Christmas, with the board displaying landmarks and locations from the winning contestant or town. For example, could Guildford Cathedral take coveted Mayfair spot? And much more.

The “travel” theme will be handed over the renowned four unique train stations. Besides that, the Community and Chance Chest card will be tailored to the winning locations.

It is the time to cast your vote! All votes should be directed to the email address:

If you are voting, then remember to cast your vote before midnight of 18 March, but the results will be announced sometime later in the spring. However, as at now, let us continue with this debate in the comments section below. Indeed, let us discuss what need to be featured on the Guildford Monopoly board.

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