Board games for two

If you are somebody who think that board games need a group then you are wrong. It is possible to play board games even with just two players. Many of the board games as well as the card games are fine to play with two players but the whole joy of the game can be felt only when you are dealing with a group. There are also board games which are designed in such a way that they actually can be enjoyable only when it is played by two. If you are really not very sure about which are the games that you can choose to play between two then here are the ones that are going to be exciting.

There is no huge list of the best two player games that you can play on tabletop. Here are the best and new games which are friendly to the new players and can be played within an hour or even lesser than that time. This is the list that comes with games comprising of two players each. Try to know more about the game before you actually start playing it. Understanding more about the games can provide you with better gaming experience.


Hive is the game much similar to the game of chess but it do not need board but bugand. As per the entomological proclivities and the idea which can be squashed, the game can be enjoyed. This is the game that just need two players and it is really compact enough to be played within café. It is shorter for breaking out when there is some minutes of downtime.

In the game of hive, there are two sides black and white. Each side should do all that to protect the queen bee and also should try to move forward for encircling queen of the opposing hive. This is the board which can be flat surfaces. The pieces of the game should be placed on the surface in alternating turns. There will be hex shaped slab that may be growing the hive in very organic fashion. Different pieces of the game depicts different insects. Each of these pieces have different movements. The movement of bugs should be known before you start the game. The worker ants may be able to move as per the will around edges of hive, beetles have the ability for clambering up and also other kinds of piecesso hive morphs. Playing itself may be having very simple rules that is much unit placement as well as movement. These are the things which can be mastered easily even by the children.

Hive is not a simple game. Moving the queen out of any harm before queen is pinned inside ring can actually make opponent to actually rethink the attack strategy. Grasshoppers are bugs that can move by leaping much longer distance all across board. Games can be much faster that you do not get stinged by defeat but may feel like playing another game.

Lost Cities(1999)

Lost cities form one such games that can provide you with amazing experience even when played between two. The game is much about exploring and setting off expeditions for discovering mythological cities which are lost with time. The game include two players who tried to score points by managing the hand carefully, luck pressing and also knowing exactly when to cut the losses.

Players usually can set off on the expeditions by just playing the cards that may come in 5 various colors and may have numbers starting from 2 to 10 in the ascending order on side of central board. When you are playing card for starting expedition, you are actually putting yourself on clock by committing to the color. It can put 20 points deficit until you are able to find the way back to positives. Cards help in scoring the face value and you should be playing 3 to 4 cards before you are breaking even. It is necessary for playing handshake cards before you actually commit to the suit and act in the form of multipliers for scoring with that color that is both negative as well as positive. There is bit amount of luck in this game and it is the draw part of the game. Scoring is bit opaque as well as mathy.

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