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New era of computer games

What wistfulness looks like in 2017 isn’t what it looked like at the beginning of computer games. The virtual universes in which we play have since quite a while ago relied on callbacks to outside things, wide extensive experiences, lush escapes...
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UK’s next Board Games Champion

The Micropubs across the county will be hosting the championship. It will also see keen gamers compete over five board competitions during the first heats stage. The Micropubs are a low-cost pub trade concept designed by the CAMRA 2015 Campaigner of the...
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Top Board Games Of 2016

Top board games are usually electronic; played with Play stations or X-boxes or are tech savvy in some way. However, they still haven’t replaced the traditional board games that still retain their brand of appeal. While there are many board games...
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Board games for two

If you are somebody who think that board games need a group then you are wrong. It is possible to play board games even with just two players. Many of the board games as well as the card games are fine to play with two players but the whole joy of the...
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The town of Sheffield is turning into the first board game

City with help from Mike Hayes, who invented the cult game Classic Warlord, about forty years ago is relaunching it for a Battle Night on July 10th at The Showroom Cinema from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. This game, Classic Warlord is a war strategy game similar...
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Guildford in the game

Guildford is among other five “Home Counties” towns that have already expressed interest of getting its edition of Monopoly. Indeed, it is highly speculated that it will soon become one of the latest towns to be seen enjoying a monopoly of...
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